Aimees Love Comes First Rescue inc.

Finding hope for homeless dogs. To donate go to . Thanks so much!!

Hi Im Aimee Schroeder. Im a registered vet nurse who is passionate about animals. My goal is to help dogs on death row at kill shelters.With donations i feel i can make that happen!
Aimees Love Comes First rescue Inc. is a no kill 501c3 non profit rescue. We are currently asking for donations to build a fence and kennels. This rescue is a place for death row dogs that need more time to find a home or foster to take them. The shelter will have agility, swimming and training for these dogs to make them more suited to be adopted. They will have a blast while knowing they will live! I believe training is the most important since most of the dogs surrendered are there because of behavioral issues.

Collinsville, TX 76233
United States

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