Alchemy Acres

Alchemy Acres is a no-kill non-transfer animal adoption center. Our hours may vary but can be reached by phone or email Please call to make an appointment.

Alchemy Acres is a no-kill, non-profit animal sanctuary that offers aid to any animal in need. We are run by a small family and group of dedicated volunteers. Since 2004 we have opened our doors and our hearts to thousands of animals, domestic pets, wildlife and exotic pets. We take animals in based on the current space we have available. When one pet gets adopted, another comes in. With wildlife we accommodate them as they come in, rehabilitating them with our licensed rehabilitators, or transporting them to other rehabilitation facilities for specialized care. Last year we returned nearly 500 animals to the wild. On the domestic side of things, we have set standards for other no-kill shelters and transformed a local pound from a gas euthanasia only to sedation and lethal injection to be more humane. We have provided and continue to provide a unique environmental adoption process. We do our best to ensure that our adopters receive the best pet for their home and that the home is the best environment for their pet. We also offer to all of our adopters our expertise and advice on training, behaviors and any other situation that may occur during the course of their pet’s life. Twice a year we host a microchip and rabies clinic to the public which has increased the recovery rate of lost pets as well as offering vaccinations at low cost.
Most importantly we provide a potential life-long home for all of our residents. We have capacity to house ninety dogs, 100 cats, ten rabbits and various other animals not including our loving foster families. We have five main people who are with our animals daily providing love and stability in addition to our other volunteers. We also provide medical care to each animal including but not limited to preventative treatments, geriatric care, pediatric care, therapies, intensive care, daily vitamin treatments, diagnostics with treatment accordingly and surgical care (dentals, spays, neuters, tumor removals etc.). While we are very fortunate to have a portion of our services donated by local veterinarians we would love to be able to offer assistance to the public in these areas as well. However at this time we are unable to due to restrictions by both our facility and our budget. Some day we hope to have a vet clinic on site not only for the convenience of our own residents but we would then offer other low cost veterinary care to the public as well.

1859 Depot Road
Salem, OH 44460
United States

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