Avian & Exotic Parrot Rescue UK

Our mission is to educate people in the welfare of bird keeping and to provide a refuge to every orphaned, unwanted and injured parrot and parakeet regardless of species.

Avian & Exotic Parrot Rescue is a non profit family run rescue helped by experienced volunteers. These generous people have full-time jobs, and donate their time to helping birds find homes.

All birds that are donated to us will be found loving homes once they have been checked by a qualified vet.

All members of our group are fully checked before a bird is allowed to reside at the members premises.

Members of the group pay a one off fee of £25 to cover their homecheck and paperwork all profits going back into the rescue.

Every member wishing to adopt or foster a bird, has to go through a home check, where upon one of our representative will do a full check of the home where the birds will be kept, as well as filling in all the appropriated forms.

We will never turn a bird away no-matter its condition, we do not judge people that donate birds to our rescue, we are well aware that circumstances change, and due to this people find it hard to give there beloved pet anytime.

If you have any questions the please feel free to contact us we will answer all questions within 24 hours.

Address can be supplied on request via PM
United Kingdom

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