Who Rescued Who?

Join us as we tell animal adoption stories from across the country in which the rescuer becomes the rescued! Share your story! Create change!

Who Rescued Who?®

Reality TV that Matters

Our “Who Rescued Who?®” Trade Mark started years ago as just a saying, a catch phrase, a slogan printed on a car magnet or a t-shirt. Since the inception of “Who Rescued Who®”, Imagine This Company has printed hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pieces of branded merchandise ranging from t-shirts to car magnets to jewelry. Our dedicated support programs for animal rescue groups and shelters have helped raise a considerable amount of money.

Little did we realize the depth of that simple adage would become a powerful brand that conveys the love that both the rescuer and the rescued have for each other. It is truly heartbreaking to see the cruelty and neglect suffered by millions of homeless animals. Thank goodness for the generosity and support of the countless volunteers and benefactors who work with rescue groups in providing these animals with shelter and protection. However, much more is needed.

Over the years, we have heard many heartfelt stories about these rescues; not only how these abandoned animals find a loving home through the kindness and generosity of a new family, but the purpose they instill in their rescuer. We are convinced that in many instances the rescuer becomes the rescued. WHO really Rescued WHO?

Our plan is simple.

• Create a powerful weekly reality TV Series. “Who Rescued Who?®” that reflects the profound relationship that develops between a rescue pet and its rescuer.
• Highlight the plight of millions of homeless and abused animals now housed in shelters, pounds and foster homes around the country.
• Showcase the benefits of becoming a rescuer in hopes of inspiring additional pet adoptions.
• Provide funding to the “Who Rescued Who?®” Foundation via branded merchandise sales for the explicit purpose of donating money to animal rescue organizations around the country.


“Who Rescued Who?®” is a trademarked brand for pet toys, food, clothing, accessories, magnets, decals and a host of other goods including a reality TV series.
“Who Rescued Who?®” Foundation was started to accept donations from “Who Rescued Who?®” licensed merchandise and other sources. Through the Foundation, these funds will be distributed to animal shelters around the country.
Imagine This Company manufactures and sells branded “Who Rescued Who?®” merchandise to retailers and rescue groups around the country.
“Who Rescued Who?®” LLC is the corporate registered entity located in the State of Virginia.
Imagine This Company has been selling a wide range of “Who Rescued Who?®” branded products for almost 10 years. We have millions of products in the market place consisting of car magnets, t-shirts, decals, assorted wearables, jewelry, leashes and dog toys amongst others.

“Who Rescued Who?®” reality TV will be coming to the marketplace with immediate name recognition.

“Who Rescued Who? ®” Reality TV Series
Our “Who Rescued Who? ®” reality TV show will focus on the human lives that these wonderful animals affect. The show will take you around the country to various animal rescue shelters and show you how millions of rescuers have themselves been truly rescued. Many are the “small” stories in life; like the elderly parent who has just lost a spouse and loses their will to live until a rescue cat comes into the home and gives a new meaning to life, or the troubled teenager; bullied, outcast and alone…who finds a loving friend in a homeless dog that no one else wants to adopt, or the sick young child that lives in a world of hurt and finds a new 4 legged friend that gives her hope to fight the next day.
These seemingly “small” stories will make your tears well in heartfelt warmth. At the end of each show, we will highlight some animals at that particular shelter to help them rescue someone. Like we say in our moniker, “Who Rescued Who? ®” is a reality TV show that matters.

Conclusion and Opportunities

What began as a simple slogan, “Who Rescued Who?®” has involved into a powerful National Brand.
It has helped raise awareness of homeless animals and the wonderful bond that can arise by adopting these beautiful pets. “Who Rescued Who?®” will have instant identification and awareness to create a unique following amongst TV viewers. Few are immune to the satisfaction of owning a pet, especially a rescue animal.

We intend to make this show very personal by highlighting stories submitted to us by some of the 5,000 homeless rescue shelters for our weekly series. 2.7 million Homeless animals are euthanized each year. If we can save the lives of some of these animals by presenting a heartwarming reality based TV show seen by millions of viewers, then our efforts would have been well rewarded.

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