The Cat Corner Inc.

The Cat Corner is an nonprofit, no-kill shelter for cats that has been saving kitties for over 3 decades!

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To provide a permanent home and proper care for our kitty residents until they are able to be adopted out to their forever-homes.

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In 1981, Martha Nicholson purchased an old barber shop at her own expense and opened The Cat Corner in Hampton, Virginia.

The Cat Corner is a no-kill, non-profit cat shelter for homeless cats, that has been operated by volunteers for over 30 years and is solely funded by donations.

Cats are accepted into the shelter as space becomes available and each receives proper medical care, will be spayed/neutered and updated on their shots prior to becoming available for adoption.

Adopting families are screened and care is taken to closely match cats and their new families to insure a good fit. It would be unfair to the cat to get attached to a family...only to be brought back to the shelter. We do ask though, if it is not a good fit or there is a change of circumstances and you can no longer provide care for you cat, please bring them back to the Cat Corner and to not take them anywhere else. After all, our motto is "once a Cat Corner Cat, always a Cat Corner cat."

Please come by and visit the kitties, we are always looking for dedicated volunteers and wonderful forever homes for our kitty residents.

Cats know the song in your heart and purr it to you when your memory fails.

85 Fulton St
Hampton, VA 23663
United States

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