Humane Society of Lebanon County

Our Vision Statement

“A humane community that understands and values the ways in which animals enrich our lives.”

“The object of the society shall be to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty of animals; to enforce all laws designed for their protection and to secure in a lawful manner the arrest, conviction and punishment of all persons violating such laws. The society, through dissemination of literature and employment of other methods, shall undertake to instruct the people to be kind and considerate in their treatment of animals.”
- May 15, 1939 -

The Humane Society of Lebanon County is a nonprofit organization. We rely on contributions from the general public and businesses to help cover operating and feeding expenses. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.

We are a member of the Federated Humane Societies Of Pennsylvania. As the only animal welfare organization within Lebanon County we maintain a modern, sanitary animal shelter that contains dog kennels, cat housing, a small animal room, emergency kennels to receive strays from the police during off duty hours of shelter operation, a dispensary equipped with medical equipment and supplies, a puppy room, a maternity room, plus our office and reception area.

- We receive stray animals from most municipalities within Lebanon County, as well as those surrendered by individual residents of the county who cannot or will not take proper care of their pets.

- We provide shelter, food, and medical treatment for homeless, unwanted, and neglected creatures, and do all we can to ensure their placement into new and good homes.

- We keep accurate and current records of all surrenders and adoptions, and report them to the Pennsylvania Dog Enforcement Bureau.

We hold all animals in "Bite Cases" for the police until they are determined to be safe or otherwise.

- We provide emergency services for stray animals and arrange for medical care and treatment when indicated.

- We have people qualified to speak to your organizations. We can develop specific programs for your specific needs. Our speakers can bring with them films, pets, information, literature, etc.

- We provide guided tours of the shelter facilities and grounds.

150 N Ramona Rd
Myerstown, PA 17067
United States

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