Advocates for Franklin County Dog Shelter's Animals - Ohio

We are working to bring positive change to the Franklin County Dog Shelter by openly discussing the issues. In 2014, over 3,000 dogs were euthanized.

Our mission as advocates for the animals that walk through the doors of Franklin County Dog Shelter is to reduce the overall euthanasia rate.We work to adopt more dogs, rescue more dogs and reunite more dogs with their owners. We want the shelter to be dedicated to the idea of saving every adoptable, trainable, treatable dog. We feel the taxpayers of Franklin County, whose tax dollars paid to euthanize over 3,000 dogs in 2014, may have valuable input and ideas on how to lower the staggering statistics happening in their community. Our hope is that together, with the help of our community and other advocates, more animals will be placed in forever homes.

We encourage you to learn more about the shelter and shelter best practices and advocate to the director and county commissioners so they will be implemented. We want to see more adoptions, fewer euthanasias, more owner redemptions, fewer owner surrenders. We want to engage the community in a discussion of what it takes to become a more humane community. We believe you must recognize and talk about the problem in order to fix it. We encourage people to support the work of dog rescues.
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