Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

A New Vision for a Community Dedicated to the Well-being of Animals

Rehome the Needy, Reunite the Lost, and Reeducate when Needed

The Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter (PRAS) is a unique collaborative supported by four separate communities: Newport News, Hampton, Poquoson, and York County, Virginia. This new facility physically embodies each area's dedication to its citizens and to homeless animals. As a result, the shelter will provide necessary resources and services to the citizens of each jurisdiction in terms of education, adoption, outreach, and animal care. These services are represented by the three goals of the shelter's mission: Rehome, Reunite, and Reeducate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The shelter is open daily from 8:00am until 5:00pm for owner surrenders, stray drop-offs, and owner re-claims. If staff is not available at the front desk for any of these needs, simply call the number on the door, and a staff member will be happy to assist you. See "Hours" for times to view and adopt animals, or see the facility.

5843 Jefferson Ave
Newport News, VA 23605
United States

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