Blackdogs Rescue

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Blackdogs Rescue is dedicated to the plight of unwanted dogs and puppies in danger in rural shelters in Kentucky, including those with medical needs.

Blackdogs Rescue began as a foster facility for puppies and dogs from Estill Cty Animal Shelter. We eventually grew into a rescue dedicated to helping puppies and dogs from rural shelters in eastern Kentucky. Although we often say we focus on the herding breeds, we have rescued everything from Chihuahuas to Irish Wolfhounds. But our true passion has always been the puppies. We usually take the puppies who were passed over by rescues or the ones who are in danger because they went to the shelter when it was too full and more and more, the ones who have medical needs. Even so, we think that our puppies turn out the prettiest because we believe in them. Broken legs heal and so do hearts and it is our job to help with the puppy on the mend. Every puppy has a story. We are just honored to be a small part of it.

Lexington, KY
United States