Allegan Shelter

The Allegan County Animal Shelter is operated by Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance. The shelter serves the Allegan County community. For more information call (800) 475-0776.

Commenting Policy:

This is a page for supporters of the Allegan County Animal Shelter operated by Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance. We encourage open discussion and invite you to share your opinion on our issues.

By participating on this page, you are agreeing to our commenting policy, outlined below.

We reserve the right to delete posts on our page containing any of the following elements:

- profanity
- misinformation
- spam
- off-topic / irrelevant
- personal attacks
- promoting violence
- promoting illegal or questionable activities
- rallying on behalf of people or organizations which support animal abuse
- circulation of photos which depict animal cruelty. Sharing these photos across the Internet does more harm than good because it makes it harder to track down the originator. Often times this is a hoax and it’s just being done for attention.

If you repeatedly violate this policy, you will be removed from our page.

If you become a bother to our supporters, since this is a supporter page first and foremost, you will be removed. Again, we encourage open discussion, which includes disagreement, but we will not tolerate harassment or taunting of our supporters.

We appreciate your cooperation and support, and look forward to connecting with each of you, our loyal supporters!

If you have a question regarding this page or anything on it, please email us at

Thank you!

2293 33rd St
Allegan, MI 49010
United States

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