The Bunny Hutch

A zoo that isn't a zoo! Education that comes to you. Animal Ambassador programming, adoption, support, wildlife and animal rehabilitation.

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Our mission is to inspire a culture of understanding and discovery of our natural world through exotic and domestic species adoption, conservation, education, innovation and leadership.

We are looking to make adopting any breed or species fun; heck a party. No more glum and blah.

The Bunny Hutch combines elements of a zoo, animal adoption, nutrition, pet sitting, animal rehabilitation, grooming, birthday parties, pet walkers, conditioning, community outreach, classes, habitat enrichment, conservation and fun.

Animals cared for by Keepers in a zoological environment live mentally stimulating lives and often live more than twice their wild counterparts do. This knowledge is not a secret, anyone can learn how to enrich ANY family members life. No matter if you are covered in fur, feather, skin or scales The Bunny Hutch can help you.

Until a facility site is selected The Bunny Hutch will be assisting you and your family with anything you need on a donation basis. Pet sitting, pet exercise, need to learn the proper humidity level for a Gecko, how do you get your pets to create works of art and more. Want to know how to get your pet down to their bikini weight. Contact TheBunnyHutch.ORG

1165 Jensen Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
United States

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