Adopt AK - A Department of the Midnight Sun Animal Advocacy Group

We are the Adoption Department for the animals our organization rescues & foster

To find loving, forever homes for pets currently residing in foster homes, shelters etc.

This page is for our organization "Midnight Sun Animal Advocacy Group's" Adoption Department.

For those looking to adopt their new perfect pet, this is the place to do it. All adoptions of pets in the care of our organization are overseen by us directly.
**Note:Shelter Facilities, Breeders, & Stores may be members of our network but are not members our organization, and usually provide their own adoption programs. Unless theyve opted in for Adoption Sevices.***
Before being able to adopt any animal under our organizations care all applicants to adopt MUST apply thru our organization, fully participate and complete our Adoption Program, Meet all requirements, Pay all fees, complete and sign all forms, and show proof of pet spay/neutor, receive a copy of all certificates & licensing before the Adoption Process is fully completed and applicant is granted full legal adoption rights & ownership of animal.
Please see our departments website for full details, information and applications. Along with a more detailed list of Animals up for Adoption. Resources and much more.

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-CONTACT INFORMATION: For our organization & its departments. Foster Homes, Adoption Centers, Shelters, Trainers, Programs, Classes, Veternarians. State Officials, & many other Resources & more.
-EVENT CALENDAR: Fundraisers. Charity. Webinars. Seminars. Classes. Programs. Conference Calls.
Keep an eye on our "Event Calendar" & Timeline (or your homepage's newsfeed) for Updates on all current and future events. Simply click on an event for more Information and Details like Locations, Dates & Times, Donations & Sponshorship Info, Contact Info, Volunteer Sign Ups. Hosting and Event. Creat an Event.
**Employees, Volunteers & all other Members receive Automatic Invitations & Entrance.
WANNA HELP? Heres how YOU can do your part and help by Joining Us, Donating, Sponsoring, Hosting, Volunteering. Rescuing. Fostering. Reporting.
-PETITIONS, CAMPAIGNS & CAUSES: List of current petitons and their details. Contact & Weblink info. Sign Up Forms & Submission. Resources. Officials, Donating & Sponsoring info. Starting your own and much more.
-DONATIONS,CHARITYS & FUNDRAISING: Details, Contact Info.,Events, Signups, Locations, Donation venues. Promotion, Help, and more.
-SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMS: Info for Sponsoring an animal, representative, foster home, program, cause or event.
-VOLUNTEER, INTERNSHIPS PROGRAMS: List of current Volunteer Opportunities & Internship Programs: Information and Details. Contact Information and Weblinks. Sign up & Application forms & downloads.
-ADOPTION AMBASSADOR PROGRAM: Contact Info. Program Information & Details, and also your copy of the Program Application.
Simply click on the "Sign Up" button and it will then take you to our Adoption Ambassador Program weblink. Where you can find info for all your program questions & needs including- Program details, Contact info, Class dates, times & details. Requirements, Application, Help and more.
Simply click on the Application PDF to download your copy. Either fill it out on your computer and submit it by email, or print your copy and mail it to the address include on the form.
We will then process your application and if you qualify you will be automatically signed up for our Adoption Ambassador Program & Membership. Please see weblink for more info.
-JOB OPPORTUNITIES & OPENINGS: List of current job openings with our organization, and other members of our network, Job descriptions & details. Contact information. Employment Applications & forms.
-NEWSLETTER & UPDATES: Check out our timeline, Notes & Weblinks for updates on current, ongoing and future happenings. Updates on adoptions, Rescues, Foster Homes, Animals in Need. News. Laws.
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We also provide:
Training and/or Behavioral Modification for pets. Animal Handler Training. Training for both Handler & Animal Together. And many other forms of Education for individuals or groups.
-For the Busy Pet Owner:
Doggie Daycare.Pet Boarding, Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers
-Grooming Needs: Groomers, Locations for Self Service Grooming, Products, and other info.
Law & Legal Info and Help. Websites. Agencies. Organizations. Vets. Causes. Petitions. Charities. Advice. Answers. Tools. Handbooks & Guides. Forms, and many other resources

For more information on our organization check out our other websites.
Or contact us by messgae, email or phone:

Phone/Skype Call or Text: (253) 252.8960

Palmer, AK 99645
United States

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