Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue

We are a 501c-3 dog rescue foundation dedicated to saving dogs the day they are to be euthanized and placing them in loving homes.

Our ultimate goal is to make Los Angeles a no-kill city. LA County shelters euthanize about 500 animals every single day!!! That's the highest kill rate of any major urban city. Spaying and neutering pets is the only solution to prevent pet over-population--and it's the law here in LA. We fought hard to help pass the mandatory spay and neuter law back in 2008, and now our biggest hurdle is enforcement. So many guardians are still unaware of not only this legisation, but also the health benefits of sterilizing your pets! So we do a lot of community outreach and education, providing information about spay and neuter services and low cost options for vets.

Ace of Hearts is also committed to rescuing as many dogs from death row as we possibly can. We get them medical care and any behavioral training or rehab they may need to ensure they'll be successfully adopted. It's also our mission to help rehabilitate the reputation of bully breeds. These wonderful animals have gotten a bad rap as a result of how certain criminals have treated them.

Kari Whitman founded her non-profit Ace of Hearts in 2001 after her amazing American Bulldog "Ace" passed away. She had rescued Ace from death row at a shelter in 1990 and was immediately smitten! When he died, she channeled her grief and frustration into trying to save other shelter dogs like Ace and finding them loving homes. This ultimately grew into the non-profit Ace of Hearts.

PO Box 2357
Beverly Hills, CA 90213
United States

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