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The RCACP Facebook page is intended to assist in the networking of available animals in our care to the public and to area rescues. By participating on this page, you are agreeing to our commenting policy, outlined below.
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Thank you all for your cooperation and support. We look forward to working together with the community to place the animals in our care.

The Regional Center serves as the public animal shelter for the City of Roanoke, the Counties of Botetourt and Roanoke, and the Town of Vinton, and is an “open intake facility”. The Regional Center primarily handles stray animals picked up by the Animal Control Officers employed by the municipalities, but also accepts strays that are found, and animals owned, by citizens of the municipalities served. Each year the Regional Center receives between 4,000 and 5,000 animals.

In accordance with Virginia law, stray animals are held for a minimum of ten (10) days if the animal has any form of identification and five (5) days if the animal has no identification. There is no minimum holding period for animals relinquished by owners, but the Regional Center endeavors to hold animals relinquished by owners for a minimum of two (2) days.

While at the Regional Center, animals who have completed their hold time and not been claimed, or have been relinquished by their owners, are evaluated. Animals that are considered to be healthy, treatable and/or rehabilitatable are, subject to the availability of space, transferred to the Roanoke Valley SPCA or another rescue organization for adoption. Animals that are not considered to be healthy, treatable or rehabilitatable, are humanely euthanized once the animal has been held for the required length of time.

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