Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue

Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Foundation is a 501(c)3, tax deductible, non-profit organization and licensed shelter. Our mission: to save somebunny today!

Together, we can save somebunny today! Please consider adopting a rescue rabbit.

“Real isn't how you are made, it’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.” - From The Velveteen Rabbit

Together, we can save somebunny today.” Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue, 501©3, non-profit organization, and fully-licensed animal shelter located at beautiful Cottontail Cottage, in Lamoine, Maine, is dedicated to rescuing abandoned, neglected and surrendered rabbits and finding them loving, forever homes. Our orphaned rabbits are provided with physical and social rehabilitation and sanctuary at the “Bunny Barn,” until they are deemed fit to be matched with qualified fosters or adoptees.

Sadly, a significant “silent” population of unwanted rabbits is simply abandoned outdoors and never recorded as part of the problem. Rabbits are one of the most cruelly neglected and misunderstood pets. Not only are they being kept in woefully cramped conditions, they are becoming sick and dying from being given the wrong food and care. One of the services CCRR is passionate about is educating the public concerning the needs and welfare for domesticated rabbits through public outreach and local and national advocacy work. Our social networking sites, including Facebook (with over 3k fans) and high-traffic website, reach rabbit lovers from around the world and has become a leader in rabbit care.

Thanks to a recent grant from the prestigious “Binky Foundation”, we have been able to build large, interior stalls with connecting, predator-safe, outdoor pens - for a grand total of 42-square-feet per bunny (or bun family,) to safely reside in until their forever home can be found. Most of these bunnies have only ever known tiny, rusty, wire cages with barely room to turn around. One of our recent rescues dragged her back feet and did not know how to hop as she had spent her entire life in one of these prisons. It wasn’t long before she was leaping in ecstasy at her new found freedom here at CCRR. When rabbits are at their happiest they leap into the air and twist their bodies in the most acrobatic fashion called a “binky”. It is a sight to behold and the simple joy of it can take your breath away. This is how rabbits should be kept. CCRR rabbits enjoy a safe, wonderful and enriching environment with many natural elements like stumps, hollow logs and fresh cut branches to chew, and forest dirt to dig in. What kind of life is it for a rabbit without the sun on their heads, paws wet from morning dew and the gentle touch of a spring wind just asking for a bunny nose to twitch.

CCRR (physically) serves Washington and Hancock County in the State of Maine, as well as New England, to people of all ages and genders. Unfortunately, area shelters generally do not accept rabbits due to the fact that they are considered “exotics.” That leaves us to carry the burden of rabbit neglect and mistreatment in our region. Cottontail Cottage is a very special place and draws many visitors from as far away as Massachusetts and Vermont; some to surrender and adopt, others to enjoy our lecture series and hands-on learning events, many of which are directed at children. Folks from all over the world contact us on a daily basis via the internet – even as far away as Africa - asking questions and advice regarding rabbits and their welfare. We work hard to educate for the well being of these beautiful creatures.

Cottontail Cottage also aids poor, rural communities and folks who need in-house instruction on caring for their rabbits. Regardless of socio-economic challenges, people care deeply for their animals. As a movement, CCRR looks hard at solving the issues where they occur to prevent rabbits from coming to shelters in the first place. Unhappy circumstances can be turned around. CCRR reaches out proactively to close the gap in misguided rabbit care information in order to keep pets happy in loving homes by providing the latest information, newest approaches and best practices in our quest to save lives and keep rabbits with their families.

Not all of our rabbits qualify for adoption. Some of them have been neglected and abused to the point where they are not able to leave our facility right away. Sadly, some never will. These rabbits need intensive work both physically, emotionally and socially to get them healed enough where they can be placed in a forever home - or for that special person to come along who understands and loves them anyway.

Rabbits are one of the most cruelly neglected and misunderstood pets. Many come to us in deplorable condition and have received the very worst kind of inhumane treatment. Rabbits have no voice. Unlike other species, they cannot cry out, bark, whine or meow. They are utterly defenseless in a world that responds to noise.

Won’t you please donate to our critically important work?

Please make a tax-deductible contribution to Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue. Without your support we wouldn’t be able to continue saving lives. Thank you for being compassionate. Thank you for caring about all creatures, great – and small.


Jenny Nichols
Executive Director

21 Cottontail Ln
Lamoine Corner, ME 04605
United States