SPCA - Mutare

Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Mutare Branch

We are calling on all our Mutarians that have ventured out in the world. As you all know we have an SPCA in Mutare and of late have been struggling terribly with funds to support all of the animals they have under their care. We are looking for any kind of monetary donation from you all. It can be £1, it can be £100 whatever you can do will help tremendously.
The SPCA have helped us all in some way and now we need to help them get back on their feet with YOUR support!
If you are interested in helping please can you let us know and we can arrange to have bank details sent to you so a donation can be made!

Our contact details are:
Email - mutarespca@gmail.com
Phone - (+263) 020 63679

We would love to hear form you!

St Helens Drive

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