Advocates For Animal Rights (AFAR)

Advocates For Animal Rights is a 501c3 nonprofit Companion Animal Rescue currently in Perry MI. Our goal is to raise a No-Kill Companion Animal Sanctuary!


We Advocate- For Animals & Their Caregivers,

We Educate- On the Importance of Spaying/Neutering Your Animals,

And We Celebrate-The Lives of Animals and the Special Bond We Share With Them.

We are a dedicated group of advocates working to positively direct the well-being of animals and the guardians who love them.

The following index contains an ongoing list of our Core Values, Beliefs, Services, and Future Goals.”

AFAR Values

• We are dedicated to the highest operating principles, believing in ethical conduct, truthfulness, and honorable behavior in working with people and animals;

• We take pride in our professional level of service and will hold ourselves accountable for our actions;

• We adhere to and demonstrate the principles of respect, understanding, compassion, empathy, fairness and service in our role as animal caregivers;

AFAR Beliefs

• We believe that we are a part of the humane solution;

• We are dedicated to animal welfare at all times, day or night;

• We believe that spaying and neutering of all pets is the best solution to overpopulation;

• We believe that education is paramount in addressing animal cruelty, neglect, and overpopulation;

• We understand the connection between animal cruelty and human abuse, and we support vigorous prosecution when local, state and federal animal related legislation is breached;

• We are confident our services serve the greater good within our community, our state, our nation, and our world.

AFAR Services

• Provide assistance such as temporary housing, pet sitting, veterinary services, food and supplies to help those in danger of losing their beloved pet(s);

• Provide affordable spay/neuter procedures, vaccinations, health screenings, surgeries, and other necessary veterinary services to those in need;

• Educate the public on the importance of proper animal guardianship, care, animal management, handling, abuse prevention, spaying/neutering, and other relevant topics surrounding responsible animal guardianship;

• Assist and advocate for those who are experiencing challenges in maintaining guardianship of their beloved pet(s), and work to alleviate the conditions before they become abused, neglected, abandoned, or released into the wild through intervention, support services, and education;

• Teach the importance of respecting all wildlife, explaining the differences between neglected or abandoned domestic animals and wildlife;

• Lobby for animals rights by working to amend and/or create new laws and regulations designed to protect them and the people who care for them;

• Teach classes and seminars on animal health and well-being, abuse prevention, obedience training, and other issues of responsible animal guardianship;

• Seek federal and private funding resources to maintain our facilities and support our programs and services;

• Create additional programs and services as necessary to help AFAR achieve our goals.

AFAR Future Goals

• Develop and maintain a NO KILL animal sanctuary, providing refuge to abused, displaced or unwanted domestic animals including the elderly, blind, deaf, disfigured, timid or plain, or animals that require medical, or behavioral care;

• Build and maintain a Disaster Response Team for caregivers and their beloved animal(s) encountering catastrophic crises;

• Offer support groups and counseling services to assist those who are grieving the loss of their beloved pet(s);

• Become a community liaison for those seeking information & services not currently provided by AFAR;

• Form strategic alliances with animal rights organizations, veterinarian clinics/hospitals, animal care/support agencies, and civil rights organizations to help further AFAR’s cause;

• Assist other animal agencies in writing reasonable laws that target irresponsible and inhumane guardians while safeguarding responsible animal guardianship and appropriate animal husbandry practices

• Help responsible animal guardians defeat existing laws that unjustly restrict guardians and / or unfairly limit the number of animals a guardian can maintain;

• Urge the passage of strong laws that target vandalism, harassment, arson, bombing, and other types of domestic terrorism in the name of animal rights;

• Maintain a library of information on various animal-related subjects, offering to reporters, journalists, and the general public our collection of resources to assist them with their stories, articles, news broadcasts, manuscripts, or books;

• Publish an online periodical containing various animal news and subject matter within our community.

• Handle animals humanely and use only minimal restraints as necessary.

Box 323
Perry, MI 48872-0323
United States