Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue (NVSR)

Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue (NVSR) is an all volunteer non-profit organization formed to rescue, rehabilitate, and place Shelties in need of care.

Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3), all volunteer organization established in 1999 to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Shelties. Most of these Shelties have been relinquished to NVSR by owners unable to keep them. Others are found in shelters, because they are strays or have been abandoned. All our Shelties are fostered in NVSR volunteers' homes (we do not have a shelter), and medical needs are addressed promptly and fully, including spay or neuter. They are then eligible to be adopted to carefully chosen homes, where they will be loved, well cared for, and protected. For the remainder of the adopted dogs' lives, NVSR stays in touch with the adoptive families.

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NVSR takes in Shelties from all over Virginia, and also helps with Shelties in West Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, and Maryland. Many of these Shelties come from shelters as strays or turn-ins by owners who can no longer care for them. Others are relinquished directly to rescue. Reasons for relinquishment range from the truly tragic to the maddeningly frivolous. Most have the potential to become very loving pets, though many carry physical and/or emotional 'baggage' from their problematic pasts. Frequently, a sheltie who does poorly in one family situation will thrive when placed in a different home. Upon arrival into the rescue group, the dog receives a full veterinary examination, including spay/neuter if necessary; vaccinations and necessary diagnostic tests, including heartworm. The dog is then placed in a temporary foster home where he will be carefully evaluated. Foster families work on correcting whatever problems exist (including basic training) and provide a sense of security and stability during the transition period. Every effort is made to make sure that the right dog is placed in the right home. Each dog has its own personality and is unique in his own way. Because of this, not every sheltie will fit in just any home. NVSR is committed to finding forever homes for our Shelties.

Mail only: 977 Seminole Trail, PMB 314
Charlottesville, VA 22901
United States