All But Furgotten

All But Furgotten is a 501c3, Non Profit Humane Animal Rescue. We are committed to helping the victims of animal cruelty and neglect.

All But Furgotten Inc. is a non-profit animal welfare organization, dedicated to the prevention of cruelty and suffering of all animals. We are devoted to humane rescue in conjunction with legally investigating and assisting law enforcement. We are primarily focused on humane cases in the Westmoreland county area, saving death row dogs; as well as, pulling and rehabilitating puppy mill dogs across PA. Giving them a chance to live and be loved…….we are their voice!

All But Furgotten is a 501c3, Non Profit Humane Animal Rescue. Who we are and what we do:

We are committed to helping animals who are the victims of cruelty and neglect.

We are very passionate about the plight of puppy mill dogs. We have rescued several dogs from Amish puppy mills and plan to continue to rehabilitate dogs who would have otherwise been “disposed of” once they were of no use to them.

With the acquisition of a kennel we will be assisting animal control so that unwanted and unclaimed animals can be treated medically, evaluated, and when appropriate, be placed in loving homes.

We currently have two VOLUNTEER Humane Society Police Officers. Many people don’t realize that although the PA Crimes Code includes a section, 5511 subsection C, addressing cruelty and neglect, humane work is NOT funded with tax dollars. Most Humane Officers are VOLUNTEERS. Most also work full or part time and have to respond to calls after work and on their days off. They miss work and sacrifice time with their own families in order to enforce the law. It is the sole responsibility of their non profit organization to pay for all veterinary care, costs of kenneling, and court costs. Essentially, by sponsoring a Humane Police Officer, we are providing a service to the community and the animals.

We have a Search and Rescue Division that is devoted to helping owners find and when needed, humanely trap their pets so that they can be safely returned to their families.

70 Carpenter Lane
North Huntingdon, VA 15642
United States

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