Pitbull rescue waikato

We are a volunteer group, whose aims are to rehome and rehabilitate breeds traditionally seen as "dangerous"

To rehome and rehabilitate dogs traditionally seen as "dangerous" and to re-educate the public about these breeds

We are a volunteer based, not-for-profit group, whose primary aims are to help rehome and rehabilitate breeds traditionally seen as hostile and re-educate the public - whose perception of these supposed dangerous breeds are guided, and often mis-informed by press coverage blown out of proportion.

Our guiding principle is that, like any breed of dog, environment and upbringing will almost always dictate a dog’s personality and through education and training, the public can be shown that all these animals are a product of their environment and shouldn’t be given a blanket definition of characteristics often supplanted on them by uninformed individuals.

If you would like more information (including Press information) or are interested in finding ways to support us, please contact us directly through our Facebook Page.

Hamilton, 3200
New Zealand

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