Africa Vet Experience

Africa Vet Experience offers an exceptional opportunity to improve your diagnostic and surgical skills in Malawi – ‘the warm heart of Africa’.

Africa Vet Experience is an integrated programme that provides a combination of western veterinary medicine and practical African field experience. It offers an exceptional opportunity to improve your professional awareness, diagnostic and surgical skills as well as an invaluable contribution to animals in Malawi – ‘the warm heart of Africa’. The highly practical course offers invaluable work experience with small animals, farm animals, equine and an odd rescued wildlife.

The Africa Vet Experience programme is delivered by the Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA), in partnership with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA, UK) and other invited veterinary experts.

The Africa Vet Experience programme is a fantastic opportunity to gain hands-on experience at LSPCA’s community veterinary clinics in local villages. LSPCA provides free veterinary treatment to animals in these low-income communities that would never otherwise see a vet. You will be part of helping to make a real difference for these animals, both through assisting in their treatment and through the course fees, part of which will ensure LSPCA can continue to provide this vital service.

During this course you will participate in the regular spay and neuter clinics which are held in the heart of local villages. We ensure that all students are able to participate in different aspects of the clinic from handling dogs and giving pre-meds to monitoring the anaesthetics and assisting in surgery.

LSPCA also holds regular farm animal clinics in local villages, which provide much needed free veterinary care for farm animals - a vital source of protein and livelihood for communities. Farm animal clinics treat a range of animals from goats to chickens and pigs. This will be an excellent opportunity to practice animal handling skills.

Donkey clinics are again held in local villages and you will be involved in clinical examinations, checking hoofs and feet, rasping teeth, trimming hooves and treating skin conditions.

In addition to all the above, participants will be involved in the day to day clinical work at LSPCA's busy veterinary clinic in Lilongwe, treating a variety of small animals and with opportunities to develop your clinical and surgical skills with our friendly and experienced vets.

We also offer the opportunity to work with our Inspector on any animal cruelty and prosecution work. You will be welcome to join our enthusiastic education team on visits to local schools as part of our commitment to teaching animal care and welfare to children across Lilongwe in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

According to the time of year, you may also be involved in our events to celebrate and contribute to World Spay Day, World Animal Day, and LSPCA's annual Lilongwe City Rabies Vaccination Campaign in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture.

LSPCA, Kanengo

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