Adoptable Pets of Georgia

We are not a rescue or the shelter. We are volunteers who advocate to find adopters and rescues for the animals in need in Georgia . Many need rescues only but there are also many posted in need of adoption. Help us help them.

The purpose of this page is to find like minded individuals, to rescue, foster, pledge, SHARE, or adopt the Adoptable Pets of Douglas County. Rescuing animals is a FULL-TIME job, that pays you with the satisfaction of knowing that the animals lives due to your compassion. It is also a goal to bring awareness of how IMPORTANT spay/neuter is. To me, there is no humane death, for a healthy animal that didn't ask to be here. With time, all animals can be re-trained, and re-formed, with the right leader. Besides, they only know what we teach them. PLEASE SHARE when you see the post....

2171 Mack Road
Douglasville, GA 30134
United States

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