A New Hope: Animal Sanctuary & Education Center

(CLOSED) A New Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal sanctuary providing a safe place for non-releasable in Athens, GA.

-We will strive to provide a sanctuary and a home to rescued
animals from the exotic pet trade, non-releasable wildlife, and
the victims of animal agriculture. We will provide them with a
place to live out their days free from stress, where they can be
allowed to flourish.

- We will operate as a vegan business that promotes the ideas of
animal equality. This will be the core of our mission.

- We will offer community enrichment that will help educate the
public about the importance and sentience of animal life.

- We will work heavily with youth to educate and inspire the next
generation. We will teach compassion, art, music, and the
appreciation of life.

-We will be more than a sanctuary, we will be part of the
community. We will offer programs and open hours where the
public can be exposed to our resident animals.

(CLOSED) A New Hope: Animal Sanctuary and Education Center is 501(c)(3) non-profit animal sanctuary that promotes animal rights through educating the community and offering hands-on experience with animals for the public. A New Hope is home to animals rescued from the exotic pet trade, non-releasable wildlife, and farm animals. We believe that the key to creating a compassionate culture is providing the chance for people to bond with these amazing creatures. Unlike many sanctuaries, our main focus is on the animals we cannot save, and helping them through education. We focus heavily on working with youth so that the next generation can be the one that ends animal cruelty.

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Winterville, GA 30683
United States

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