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"Compassion In Action"

All About Animals is dedicated to saving companion animals whose lives are in jeopardy by providing rescue, foster and adoption.

All About Animals believes that it is our moral responsibility to protect and improve the lives of abused, abandoned, and homeless dogs and cats. We aim to bring together individuals who are passionate about a creating a better future for our companion animals. We are committed to provide these volunteers with high quality training in order to work together in the most efficient way to ensure the well being of our animals.

Finding forever homes:
-Through providing all animals we work with a safe and secure haven.
-Through assisting in finding responsible caretakers for homeless pets.
Linking and strengthening existing resources:
-Through developing a network of supporters and volunteers who endorse our mission and support our goals.
-Through working in alliance with local animal shelters, rescue groups, county facilities, and humane society organizations.
Educating the public:
-Through promoting kindness to animals and building animal-friendly communities by way of education and by example
-Through advocating responsible pet ownership.
-Through supporting spay/neuter of domestic pets, as well as feral cats, thereby reducing pet over-population.

All animals are altered, vaccinated, dewormed, tested (cats), treated for ear mites, tick/flea treated, microchipped, social and healthy. They also come with a free vet visit to Desert Sky Animal Hospital

Adoption fees are as listed in each animals biography.

See our many life saving programs including Maternity Ward, Ringworm Camp and Hospice Care at

We are a foster based rescue that is always seeking to grow in positive ways. We are mostly volunteers with a few great staff. We work with more than 1500 animals yearly and could not do it without the support of YOU. Consider a donation at

Foster Based Rescue
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United States

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