Animal Care Malta Cat Sanctuary

Dedicated to the welfare of animals since 2001. Please visit our website and read our story:

Animal Care Malta is an officially registered non-profit voluntary organisation, dedicated to the welfare of the many stray cats in Mellieha, a town in the north of Malta.
We are feeding and taking care of about 130 cats daily.

Our priority is to take care of the cats in our (private) sanctuary and the cats in the colonies we’re feeding.
There are 62 cats living in our sanctuary and we’re feeding approximately 70 cats in colonies.

They are all neutered and when a new cat comes in (in our sanctuary or colony), he/she will be neutered and dewormed and deflead straight away.

All the cats in our sanctuary have a story: most of them were found abandoned when they were tiny kittens, most of them with severe eye-infections and if they’re not treated with antibiotics and eye-ointment they will end up blind so, if we have the space, we catch them and take them to our sanctuary.
A lot of them were bottle fed, some of them from the day they were born.
When they are completely healthy, we try to find good homes for them but if not, they stay with us forever...
Other cats were saved from dangerous places and/or because they were sick or handicapped.

There is no assistance from the government so we rely completely on donations from sponsors.

Please donate so we can continue our work!


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