Adopt-A-Pet (ENID Animal Shelter)

Enid Animal Shelter 580.249.4910
1200 S. 10th Street Enid, OK
Hours are: Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday - Sunday 12pm - 3pm
Closed on Holidays

Enid Animal Shelter has some great pets who need loving homes. If you are interested in getting a pet please come in and take a look. Call if you'd like to check on a certain animal (please give the animal's number and a description) What you need to do to adopt: Come in and let us know what animal you are interested in. On that animals "adoption day" you come in and pay for the spaying or neutering of your pet (any vet you like) and for the updated shots, then you take your pet home and enjoy the love they will surely show you!

Adoption Fee
They range from $70-115 and the fee isn't for the adoption itself. Males usually start at $70 and can go on up in price and females usually start at $100 and can go on up in price, again the pricing depends on which vet you take the animal to. It covers the spay or neuter and for a rabies shot. The fee for male cats can start at $35 and females $50. Any additional services such as a heart worm check, that is on you there at the vet.

1200 S. 10th St.
Enid, OK 73701
United States

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