New Beginnings Horse Rescue

We provide rescue horses that have been abused or neglected with a new beginning by rehabilitating, retraining them and then rehoming them.

Rescue, rehabilitate, retrain and rehome horses at risk.

New Beginnings Horse Rescue is a privately owned and funded horse rescue. We generally try to rescue horses that are either at risk in a slaughter pen, those heading there from kill buyers or county seizures. On a case by case basis we do work with others to get a horse out of a bad situation and help that horse find a new home.

The horses that come to us are evaluated, rehabilitated (as needed), retrained, and then become ready to find their new homes. We are not a breed specific rescue, as all breeds deserve a chance, young, old, mare, gelding or at times a stallion – all are given loving caring treatment to get them back on the right path. When evaluating and retraining we use the Clinton Anderson’s method of training whether it is a disrespectful horse or a frightened un-trained horse. It provides a soft supple relaxed and respectful horse that can be re-homed more easily.

As a private rescue we do not receive corporate or government funds and cannot give out tax deductible receipts but any and all donations we receive or are given, go directly to the horses – from feed to hay to vet bills to a new blanket, if it is needed.

The public is welcomed to call and come see us most anytime. We exclude holidays as we to like to spend family time and down time with our private and rescued horses.

PM for exact address
Aylett, VA 23009
United States

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