Clover Cat Rescue

Clover Cat Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit cat rescue organization based in Patrick County, VA.

While saving cats from euthanasia or other terrible fates is our mission, as is finding loving, permanent homes for foster cats in our care, our main goal is spay/neuter education and support.

We cannot stress this enough: please spay/neuter your pets, and do not buy from breeders! Cat overpopulation is out of control, and we, not the cats, have the responsibility to control and contain it.

Clover Cat Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit cat rescue organization based in Patrick County, VA.

The namesake of the group, Clover, was a wonderful cat owned by the rescue’s founder, Tanja Schoor. Clover’s playfulness, good health and sweet disposition are the result of the terrific life she was lucky enough to find, but she had an extremely hard start...

Tanja found Clover as a motherless kitten, wandering near a community campsite’s kitchen facilities, begging for food, yet finding no one kind enough to nourish her. She was constantly chased away by kitchen workers and treated as a nuisance, when all she wanted was food. Emaciated, scared and far from the pretty thing she is today, Clover won the heart of Tanja and her fellow campers, who made it their mission to catch Clover, which they were able to do on their final day at the camp. Tanja rushed her to a veterinarian, who felt Clover's chances were grim, at best. But Clover rebounded in the coming weeks. Tanja socialized her and gave her a permanent loving home for 13 years. Our beloved Clover passed away in November of 2015.

Clover’s story is testament to what a difference rescue can make in the life of an animal, and how much of a difference we humans can make in the lives of our fellow beings. It’s the kind of difference that Clover Cat Rescue makes for countless cats and kittens in the Patrick County area who would have no chance otherwise.

Clover Cat Rescue saves cats from euthanasia at the local pound or takes them out of equally life-threatening circumstances. The group places the cats in temporary foster homes until a forever-home is found.

In addition to finding permanent homes for cats, Clover Cat Rescue places a strong emphasis on spay/neuter education & community action programs, such as our bi-monthly spay/neuter transport helping cat-owning members of the community with free grant supported spay/neuter service.

Please “like” our Clover Cat Rescue Facebook site; please consider a donation; and please consider adopting one of our cats if you have room in your heart and home. And please check out the rest of our Facebook site for more information.

PO Box 829
Stuart, VA 24171
United States

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