Cat Rescue Incorporated

Cat Rescue Inc. is a home based rescue with a network of foster homes dedicated to receiving a number of felines from animal controls, finding them homes, and helping the community with TrapNeuterReturn of ferals.

Save and find homes for those without hope at animal controls. Assist the community through TrapNeuterReturn of ferals. Find a way to get Chesapeake to stop euthanizing the most cats of any shelter in Hampton Roads, 85% in 2009, 83% in 2010. Over 10,500 cats and kittens put down since 2004. Make corrections by having more adoption hours, having more volunteers by soliciting more than 4 times a year, qualifying more than 2 people to conduct off site events, intervene with those humans bringing in more than one Mom/litter year after year, issue licenses at the point of adoption, motivate the Animal Control Advisory Board to get engaged/remedy the high kill rate.

Petsmart 1236 Greenbrier Parkway
Chesapeake, VA 23320
United States

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