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Non-governmental organisation specializing in environmental, marine, botanical and domestic welfare, rescue and awareness. Working to ban captivity. Working to preserve India's wild cats, Elephants and critically endangered species.

Mission goals are
1)Environmental and marine welfare.
2)Protection of endangered and critically endangered wild animal species and botanical life.
3)To promote support, create awareness and fund other organisations and welfare rescues we ourselves undertake.
4)Forestry aid and plant back.
5)Promotion of the three R’s Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.
6)Pollution control and awareness.
7)Marine and fresh water surveillance to aid our fish and marine life infrastructure.
8)Climatology report and feedback from field analysis.
9)Avian species surveillance, report and feedback.
10)Forestry and plant analyses, research of botanical species along with pest and disease control to prevent die back, over growth, or extinction.
11)Domestic animal care and response.
12)Reduction of poor inadequate captive breeding along with species rehoming.
13)Emergency environmental land and marine response to natural and man-made disasters.
14)Child abuse awareness.
15)Missing person’s awareness and support.
16)Vegan and vegetarian healthy eating awareness.
17)Hearts and minds of tribal land communities to build good rapport and communicative bonds for an array of situations.
18)Environmental, wildlife and domestic animal investigations CICU.

We are not your average rescue, we do exactly what it says on the tin, professional and qualified veterinary, botanical to marine and wildlife experts and domestic welfarists we bend over backwards to preserve, conserve and make aware.

International Animal Rescue Foundation © is a 501 C 3 registered non-governmental organisation that specializes in animal welfare, captive rescue, domesticated and wild animal rescue, environmentalism, ecology, botanical horticulture, climatology, meteorology, marine biology, endangered species watch and alert programme (please ask for details), pollution control, environmental and animal welfare investigations CICU, we promote and make aware healthy vegan and vegetarian eating, Anti-Poaching Control (APU), forestry plant back, child abuse awareness, missing persons register, petition sign awareness (please ask for more details).


We have been heavily involved within the Rhinoceros welfare mission which you can view some media cases below. Below are some but not all of the press releases.

260, Dwarka, Dwarka
New Delhi, DL 110075, India

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