*ePITome (e-PIT-o-me) Dog Rescue*

We are an all volunteer rescue in the Macomb, IL and Quad Cities, IL areas for bull breeds (aka pit bull type dogs). We are a 501(c)3 status, not-for-profit rescue.

Our mission is to take dogs out of bad living situations and place them in loving homes with responsible guardians. We provide education to the public regarding the truth about these dogs, rather than the media hype. We advocate for successful guardianship of bull breeds; which includes spaying/neutering, obedience training, appropriate management/leadership, and a proper home atmosphere in which the dog can flourish. We also help local community members find low cost solutions for spay/neuter and other needs.

Our rescue dogs are only adopted out as indoor dogs who will be a part of their family. They should never live on the end of a chain or in a kennel outdoors. ePITome dogs are all spayed or neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccinations before the adoption is complete. They are all healthy and well-adjusted dogs to the best of our knowledge. We would never purposely adopt out a dog that could not be a positive member of their new family. However, the responsibility for the dog's sound behavior becomes the adopter's once they welcome the dog into their home. Obedience training, routines, consistency, strong leadership, and lots of love are key components that should be provided by the humans in the home.

Macomb, IL 61455
United States