Vafa Animal Shelter

How to help vafa?

In 1383 the first shelter for animals was opened in Iran by Mrs. Fatemeh Motamedi. The Shelter is located in Hashtgerd area and is named Vafa (Loyal). This shelter was build in order for the stray animals to be able to have a place to stay.

The Vafa shelter is a non government charity organization relying solely on private donations and volunteers. The center for animal lovers and the Vafa shelter is still continuing because of your donations and support.

Right now the shelter has over 700 dogs and without peoples donations, covering expenses such as food, shelter, medicine, medical care and shelter maintenance would not be possible.

In order to donate to our shelter you can emal:
You can also contact the founder of the shelter via email at:

آدرس پناهگاه:

Vafa Animal Shelter
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