Right now AHHARescue is in the fund raising stage in order to secure funds to acquire a new facility, for now all operations are on Privet facility's

Horses are America's Heritage as it was the Horse that founded this country. Without the Horse, there would be no United States as we know it today. The Horse made it possible for settlers to travel West. For many years it was the Horse that was the back bone of this Nation. The Horse plowed our fields, carried our goods, took us from place to place and it was the Horse that carried the mail which was the only communication for many years between the East and the West. It is for those reasons along with many others that we as Americans owe a debt to the Horse, and which is why AHHA Rescue was formed, so that we as people can give back and show appreciation for all that the Horse has done for us.
AHHA Rescue is embarking on a new concept of "Rescue" known as "Pre-Rescue". It is our belief that "Pre-rescue" will keep the Horse in need from suffering unneccessary stress and keep the Horse healthy during the "Pre-rescue" process, minimizing the need for major veterinary care. This in turn will help keep rescue costs down and, in the case that the Horse in need must be placed in a new home, a healthy Horse is much easier to place and, most importantly, is prevented from enduring much of the suffering that is often seen by more traditional Horse rescues.
This site is constantly under construction and is ready to take Donations, Please feel free to leave a comment and or any suggestions that you may have, right now we are looking for people who would like to be involved by either "donating to the cause" or any leads to those who might be willing to lend a hand, we are also looking for fosters throughout the Nation and will be setting up a network in the future.
Remember we owe a lot to the Horse and with out the Horse America wouldn't be what it is today and many of us actually wouldn't be here today, the Horse made it all possible.

AHHA's Goal is to acquire a large enough facility to become a fully functional Equine Rescue Center.
AHHA Rescue's main goal is to help horses, but to do that we must find a way to cover the cost without exploiting the horses - which is how some of the horses came to need being rescued.
Of course AHHA will do the normal fundraising that most nonprofits do, but AHHA must also become self-sufficient so as not to rely solely on donations. To accomplish this, AHHA will implement various programs to help cover operational costs. These programs will include Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, utilizing the EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) Model, as well as special needs programs for Disabled Veterans and Special Needs Children.

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