IAnimal South Coast Pet Rescue, Inc.

Saving lives with foster care for displaced pets, finding forever homes through networking, & raising awareness of the vibrant, loving nature of Petbulls.

Our mission is to use the power of Internet networking to rescue, foster, and facilitate adoptions of abandoned and abused companion animals in Greater New Bedford, Massachusetts, to provide financial assistance to needy pet owners to obtain basic veterinary care, and to provide temporary foster care for the pets of displaced families. We educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering in reducing the unwanted pet population in urban areas.

iAnimal fills a need for promotion of pets waiting for homes in shelters, rescues and homes that can no longer keep them. iAnimal is located in a densely populated urban area in southcoast Massachusetts. Time is ticking for many displaced pets in shelters because there are so many and the pet overpopulation problem can be overwhelming in overcrowded shelters. iAnimal uses the power of the internet and other marketing tools to help promote these deserving animals so they can find homes before their time runs out.

iAnimal also helps pet owners SAFELY advertise their pets if they find they can no longer keep them. Owners keep their pets at home (less stressful than going to a kennel!) while iAnimal networks the pets, provides and reviews the applications of prospective owners, and provides transportation to new homes in Massachusetts if needed.

iAnimal is particularly dedicated to helping and improving the image of the Bully breeds ("Petbulls") everywhere and to help people realize what a great, lovable addition to a home a well-socialized Petbull can be.

Dog Prints are made from original drawings by Lori Bradley and are of some of the dogs that have come through iAnimal over the years. They are offered for sale on Etsy, at shows, festivals and animal events to help raise funds for medical care including routine vaccinations and spay/neuter for pets in short-term foster care at the Pit House - so they are all ready to go to new homes or long-term foster situations.

New Bedford, MA 02740
United States