"Inky Blue Sea Companion Animal Rescue, Inc."

Inky Blue Sea Companion Animal Rescue, Inc. Is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, established in January 2011

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IBSCAR projects include:

+Rescuing dogs, cats puppies and kittens dumped on beaches and streets and providing them with medical attention, foster care and flights to US sanctuaries to find them permanent homes. Until consciousness is raised in Puerto Rico about humane animal treatment, these dogs must be sent to the United States for adoption as a temporary fix.

+Funding and facilitating aggressive Spay and Neuter campaigns for animals all over the island of Puerto Rico and greater New York, with measurable results.

+Working with senior citizens, low-income families, people in poor physical or mental health, the disabled, and victims of domestic violence and relevant agencies to help match them up with shelter animals, or help them sustain the companion animals in their lives when obstacles, tragedy or finances threaten to separate them. The positive impact on the mental, emotional and physical health of human beings and animals alike, and other benefits reaped from such bonds, is undeniable and vital.

+Working with the media to support our mission .

Why is it called " Inky Blue Sea" Animal Rescue?

Having traveled all over the world to cities located on coastal regions, we
have witnessed animals in severe distress amidst the beautiful backdrop of the sea. You can travel to the most beautiful places in the world and witness cruelty to
animals that is unimaginable but ever so real. Blood spills like ink, even in paradise.

Our organization addresses the welfare of both animals and people, as we must invariably co-exist together. Hence, why The Inky Blue Sea Animal Rescue Project is taking a stand to empower communities and future generations with respect & compassion for ourselves, our communities, and for all living beings in between.

Milestone: Over the past three years, we have aided and initiated the rescue and re-homing of approximately 200 cats, dogs, puppies and kittens.

100 percent of the donations made to IBSCAR go directly to the animals we rescue.

Admininstrative Office: 455 East 116th street; Suite #1 NY NY 10029
New York, NY 10011
United States

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