Diamond in the Ruff Pet Rescue

Diamond In The Ruff Pet Rescue is a 100% foster and volunteer run organization that aims to rescue, rehabilitate, and place abandoned animals.

We are a non-profit animal rescue staffed and run entirely by volunteers. Our goals include the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of abandoned animals. We also aim to educate the public, on, but not limited, to the following: proper animal care, preventing breed discrimination and the importance of spay/neuter in battling the escalating overpopulation problem.

Diamond In The Ruff Pet Rescue is a group of dedicated volunteers who saw a need for animal rescue help in the areas surrounding Fargo/Moorhead. All of our rescue animals are in foster homes and we depend on generous donations to continue saving the lives of animals.

We rescue, rehabilitate and permanently place abandoned animals. We also aim to educate on proper animal care and dog breeds to help families find the perfect dog for their home environment. We hope to be able to help with overflowing pounds by promoting the importance of altering pets. It is important to us that we have a lasting positive impact on the lives of the animals and people who interact with us.

Our organization is working to create a foundation that can be used to save animals’ lives. Your donation could be just what we need to provide supplies to a foster home, to help meet an animal’s special behavioral needs, or provide comfort to a rescued animal.

PO Box 6464
Fargo, ND 58109
United States

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