Kosova Pet Rescue

We are an animal rescue & welfare organisation that is a registered NGO in Kosova (registration number 5117199-3). Paypal: kosovopetrescue@gmail.com & NLB Bank: 4232 6004 2011 2087 Argjenta Dociqi

Kosova Pet Rescue (KPR) is a not for profit group that was founded in September 2014. We are a group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to alleviating the suffering of companion animals in Kosova by rescuing, rehoming and rehabilitating. We also: Assist others to rescue; pay for spay/neuter and vaccinations of cats and dogs; and provide invaluable advice and support to those in Europe, UK, USA and Canada interested in adopting from Kosova.

Connect with us:
Email: kosovopetrescue@gmail.com
Twitter: @KosovaPetRescue
Google +: google.com/+KosovopetrescueOrg1
YouTube: Kosovo Pet Rescue
Instagram: kosovopetrescue