Humane Society of Culpeper

The HSC strongly recommends the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats, in order to reduce the number of unwanted or surrendered pets in our area. (We serve not only Culpeper County but also Rappahannock, Orange, Madison & Fauquier Counties).

The new mission of the HSC is to debunk the myth of pet-overpopulation and lead the public in an effort to implement a No Kill Community.

In 2000, the HSC began its purpose by working within the walls of the Culpeper County Animal Shelter - supplementing adoption efforts for dogs and cats. A few years afterwards, the HSC sought its own space downtown (office space) to begin the effort of running a full-time foster/adoption program that eventually grew to support other areas of animal welfare, offering other services, such as spay/neuter. Since then, the group has been growing and evolving within the community - seeking ways of best serving the community and its cats and dogs.

315 S. West Street
Culpeper, VA 22701
United States

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