Portsmouth Humane Society

Mission: To provide shelter, care and treatment to homeless animals in Portsmouth, VA through adoptions, spay/neuter programs, and community education.

Portsmouth Humane Society (PHS) is an open admission humane society, meaning we will never turn away an animal that comes to our doors. We give each and every one of our animals a health exam and a temperament test before placing the animal for adoption. We provide them with veterinary care, if needed, as well as food, water, vaccinations and care.

There are no time limits for any of the animals in our care. They may stay at PHS as long as it takes for them to find a permanent, forever home. We have had animals stay for over a year. As long as the animal is happy and healthy, they can consider PHS their home.

As an open admission shelter we will take any animal from the City of Portsmouth—including animals who are sick, severely injured or too aggressive to be placed for adoption. While a no-kill or limited admission shelter has the opportunity to select which animals are allowed into their facility and often times turn away animals, we will provide shelter to any animal, at any time. Limited admission shelters may choose to not accept unhealthy animals or those with behavioral problems. Animals who may be turned away at a no-kill facility are given an opportunity for rehabilitation at our open admission shelter.

Unfortunately, not all animals may be rehabilitated. Whether they suffer from a critical illness or injury or they show signs of severe aggression, we feel that euthanasia is the most humane alternative to suffering and pain while being limited to life in a cage. We do not euthanize any adoptable or treatable animal. Our goal at Portsmouth Humane Society is to provide the best and most thorough care to each animal as they wait for their forever homes.

4022 Seaboard Ct
Portsmouth, VA 23701
United States

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