String of Pearls Animal Sanctuaries

String of Pearls was founded and is dedicated to:

•Providing a no-kill alternative to the problem of stray, homeless and deserted animals in the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding areas

•Insuring that a temporary refuge is provided for stray, homeless and deserted animals

•Working to select adoptable animals and re-train them to be adopted by new owners, according to approved standards and guidelines established by the SOP Board of Directors

•Accepting animals into a sanctuary arrangement whereby selected animals may live out their lives in peace and dignity

•Providing to the public a low cost spay/neuter program to reduce the number of unwanted animals

•Providing emergency rescue service for injured or distressed animals

•Educating and informing both children and adults about responsible pet ownership and increasing public awareness of animal rights through such activities as, but not limited to:
◦Visiting pet programs

◦Speakers' bureau

◦Humane education workshops

◦Press releases
•Raising funds by any practical means, to support SOP’s programs, increase public awareness and participation

PO Box 661
Woodstock, VA 22664
United States

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