Virginia Animal Control Association

Providing a united voice for Animal Care and Control Professionals throughout Virginia!

To Advance the Profession of Animal Control By:

• Serving as a resource for the
development of quality, standardized

• Facilitating communication between
public and private animal agencies

• Initiating and supporting responsible
legislation for the protection of the public
and animals

• Providing a united voice for animal care
and control professionals throughout

What Does the Virginia Animal Control Association(VACA)
do for members?

• Publishes a quarterly newsletter to
keep members abreast of animal
issues, training, changes in State
laws, and high profile cases throughout the

• Hosts schools and workshops, including the
annual VACA conference, which provide
continuing education credit

• Offers scholarships for schools and training and
provides information on scholarships available
through other agencies

• Provides expertise, resources and
referrals to members to assist them
in resolving local animal issues with elected

• Provides a means for members to network,
share and learn from other agencies for the
development of local ordinances, policies and

• Hosts the VACA web page at

• Works to insure that the voices of
animal care and control professionals
are heard in the General Assembly

• Publishes the Comprehensive Animal Laws in a
handy pocket edition each year so that
members have up to date codes for easy
reference and use

• Awards outstanding performance in the
animal care and control fields

• Works with other agencies to promote
professional animal control and
the protection of animals

• Provides members with
membership to the National
Animal Control Association
(NACA) and a subscription to
their quarterly magazine, NACA News

450 T.V. Drive
Fredericksburg, VA 22408
United States

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