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Save Our Animal Rescues (SOAR) was formed to help animals in acute need of critical medical or surgical care. We seek to primarily help those animals in rescue situations but also those belonging to individuals who prove financial need.

To provide financial assistance to all species of animals in need of life-saving medical or surgical care who otherwise would be euthanized. This mission will be accomplished by 1) fundraising 2) education of the community about available resources for animal wellness and 3) cooperation with local animal rescue organizations, veterinarians, and other care providers. The success of the organization will be measured by the reduction of animals euthanized in shelters due to lack of medical funding.

- Definition of Critical Care

Critical care represents a one-time financial contribution to bring the animal to "wellness that supports an adoptive state." If illness can be stabilized but represents an ongoing problem that requires monitoring and continuing care, the applicant will need to demonstrate the ability to provide financial support for the ongoing care. Treatments will have an initial financial limit of $250 per incident unless extenuating circumstances require further review (performed by treating veterinarian and 1 SOAR board member). The initial diagnostics must be paid by the applicant before SOAR will provide the additional required funding.
Examples of critical care include, but are not limited to; heartworm positive, parvovirus, trauma, acute gastrointestinal incident, bloat, snake bite, ocular emergency, and/or emergency procedures required to stabilize a chronic illness. Consideration will be given to the animal’s age, adoptability, and future prognosis before funding is approved.

- Process for Dispersing Funds:

All funds are paid directly to the treating veterinarian or representative Animal Hospital. See process map:

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