Rakki-Inu Akita Rescue

We are a non-profit corporation, with our 501(c)(3) designation, dedicated to helping Akitas in need. We generally serve VA and NC, but help where needed!

We offer:
Rescue: Most of our dogs come from shelters after being found as strays or surrendered by their owners. When it comes to our attention that an Akita is in a shelter, a RIAR (Rakki-Inu Akita Rescue) volunteer will evaluate the dog. If we determine that the dog is a good candidate for adoption and RIAR has the resources to foster another Akita, we will pull the dog from the shelter. The dog is then immediately taken to an approved veterinarian to be given a wellness exam, vaccinated, wormed, spayed or neutered, and microchipped. After, the lucky Akita will live in a foster home until a suitable home can be found.
Education: Although Akitas are extraordinarily cute as puppies, they grow up to be powerful, willful dogs. Once the puppy is grown, an owner may not want or be able to face the challenge of living with an Akita. In addition, casual and unintentional breeding of Akitas can lead to large numbers who need homes. We make information available to help potential owners understand the characteristics of the breed so that they can be prepared for the challenges (or choose a different breed). We also spread the all-important message to spay or neuter all pets to prevent unintentional litters. We will also consult with any Akita owner or potential Akita owner with advice on raising and training an Akita. With proper care, most Akita problems can be easily prevented.
Support: We offer consultation for Akita owners suffering from problem behaviors. Sometimes, all it takes is a phone call to understand and solve a problem. In other cases, problem behaviors may arise not because either the home or the Akita is "bad", but rather because they are mismatched. Our experienced volunteers will help an owner minimize the impact of such a mismatch. We also refer owners to animal care providers who are familiar with the Akita breed and its characteristics, and can help owners find the right vet, kennel, or pet store for their circumstances. If an owner absolutely cannot keep an Akita, we will assist the owner in finding a good home for the dog. The owner will be responsible for finding prospective new homes, and RIAR will help evaluate the homes to be sure a good one is found. After the dog enters the new home, RIAR will continue to be available as a resource to the new owner.

Rakki-Inu, pronounced "rocky ee-new," is an Akita rescue group located in Virginia Beach, VA. serving eastern VA, NC, and SC (501(c)(3) non-profit designation pending).

The name means "lucky dog," which is both an acknowledgment of the Akita's status as a national treasure of Japan and the belief that they bring luck and prospertiy, and that any dog saved from starvation, neglect, abuse, or homelessness is lucky to have made it to rescue.

1952 Laskin Rd, Ste 505
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
United States

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