Heaven Scent Equine and Animal Rescue Organization

In the pursuit of saving and making the lives of people and animals better.

Heaven Scent Equine and Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization created to help save abused, neglected, animals in need. Our first priority is the needs of the animal rescued—healthcare, food, water, living space, companionship, and privacy. We will then put them back in the public in a useful way. They will be used to help enrich the lives of people in need. Some of our qualified horses will be donated to the Mounted Police Patrols in the major cities. They will be used in our interactive connection therapy and therapeutic riding. Our dogs, cats and other animals will be used for educational programs. They will also be used to visit the terminally ill and nursing homes to put smiles on sick and lonely faces. There are so many areas/programs that animals can help with. There is no better healing than the love and compassion of an animal. We will also have a program, Heaven’s Final Destination to provide a final home for any animal that has nowhere to go when their masters/owners become ill or to old to care for their beloved pets. Rather than euthanizing or abandoning them, we will provide them with a safe, loving, and nurturing home for the remainder of their lives.

Our staff and volunteers, is comprised of dedicated, qualified people who are committed to making a difference with their lives. Heaven Scent Equine and Animal Rescue serves as an example that illustrates the mistakes of humankind. Ultimately, our hope is that when our animals have lived out their lives, their love and teachings will live on. In addition, to end, animal abuse, neglect and even cruelty will have decreased just a little. All animals deserve a second chance. Animals cannot speak for themselves so Heaven Scent Equine and Animal Rescue will help do it for them.

We are a group of people, who believe that the connection between people and animals is very important in one’s life today, we are dedicated to help and protect when possible. We are the ones to make a difference in many lives. With much stress, and violence in our society today, it has caused people and animals to suffer at the hands of cruel and inhumane actions from people that also would benefit from our equine interactive therapy programs; all our different therapeutic programs would only enhance one’s life, both human and animal, help families emotionally, physically, and mentally.

We also will grow hay at a larger facility to supply the forage needed for horses, and animals that require forage as part of their food source. The hay that is not used for Heaven Scent Rescue (HSR) can be sold to earn funds to keep HSR running and growing. This will allow us to open more facilities through out the US along with the revenue from hay, therapeutic programs, our military, firefighters, police rehab programs, and the interactive connection, with therapeutic riding programs outlined in our business plan will make possible for HSR to build a legacy that will carry on into the next century. The wonderful people who allow HSR to grow and nourish their community will also have made a difference in the improvement in others lives, and the world we live in.

8613 Whispering Pines Trl
Windsor, VA 23487
United States

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