Southern Paws VA Animal Rescue

With the help of fosters and volunteers, SPVAR helps adopt out rabbits, cats and dogs, as well as other animals that may need our help.

We are the voice for these animals! We are here to provide proper care and vetting to each and everyone of our fosters and then place them at an approved safe home.

All volunteer rescue for rabbits, dogs and cats. We wish to help rescue those animals in need of re homing, surrendered/dumped, found in shelters and rehabilitate and re home each pet to a safe and loving home. Educate others in the community how to properly care for animals, vet, and spay and neuter animals to help the animals' welfare and avoid over breeding and dumping of unwanted animals at shelters. If in case we cannot take in an animal through a foster, we will assist in helping find a safe home or rescue for that pet. All of our animals will be in a foster care and not in a kenneled facility to make the pet feel at home and loved.

Winchester, VA 22603
United States