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4 Paw Citizen Humane Society

4 Paw Citizen Humane Society was incorporated in June 2015, but the concept for a new and different model for a Humane Society has been evolving for the past two years. Animal welfare is not getting better. Our shelters in every County are full and usually overflowing. Those who sit on our board have struggled with how to make a difference in an overshadow reality of euthanasia, unwanted animals, and pet overpopulation.
We worked together to create a plan that we believe will change history for animals. It's on the front lines creating better and longer lasting homes with our pet pantry - our mobile vet clinic - our free pickup and return spay/neuter program and our TNR. We have worked hard to collaborate with organizations around - those who have responded - together - we have changed countless lives in the last two months. Our foster homes have been there for animals in crisis to provide housing , with love and family touch instead of just a kennel and a sheltered cage.
We need to exist to give animals a voice. Animals are not second class citizens and their voices need to be heard as loud as those of the two legged voices in our community. Our only focus is animals. Although animal and people problems are often hand-in-hand, we provide a valuable resource that allows already overburdened law enforcement to address the needs of our human society. We are privately funded and does not rely on tax dollars to serve its community. We provide a valuable free service to our county. We are chartered to protect and serve its animal citizens. Livingston County and all counties need a strong voice and advocate focused on protecting the smallest and most helpless of its community.

4 Paw Citizen Humane Society Livingston County New York. Email us at care@4paw.org

Mailing Address: Po Box 394 Geneseo NY 14454

8915 Story Rd.
Wayland, NY 14572
United States

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