Alamogordo Dog Rescue - Adoption, Rehabilitation & Sanctuary

Alamogordo Dog Rescue is a home based foster care program with several temporary homes

The success of any organization lies in those dedicated to its mission

A lot about our "mission" changed in 2016.

You start as a "rescue" what is a pretty generic term.
Most of us never change and we keep rescuing, finding homes and educating - tirelessly.
Some of us change and we turn our rescue mission into rehabilitation.

I know many people think that time and love can fix everything or at least a lot - Sadly that's not always true!

And that's the moment when many of us switch from finding homes to rehabilitation and later on to a sanctuary.

Many groups take cases no one else wanted, the sad stories with abuse and neglect. It's always heartbreaking to read about such a case, we all want to hug and cuddle this dog and stuff it full with Milkbones and sausage but that's not always the best way to go if you don't want to creat a scenario with a pretty bad ending.

To mark a dog or cat as un-adoptable is not because I don't trust others ability to work with them, it's because I don't trust them to not put themselves or others in danger.

When you pull a dog from a shelter, you never really know for what kind of behavior issue you just signed up.
This knowledge comes much later, after weeks and months of training, daily routine, new situations and trying over and over again.

We do not put down any animal for space, what means, with so many sanctuary/hospice animals we took over the last years, there isn't much room to play anymore and our yearly intakes went down from about 350 to 50+ with about 70 residents at a time.

Because of the rescue re-homing/rehab/sanctuary/hospice transition over the last 3 years, we just renamed our FB page.

A minimal adoption fee will be charged for our adoptable pets. This is only to recoup some of the costs involved in caring for each animal.

Please note, We do not receive assistance through grants or any other source.
Our average monthly cost for the dogs is between $600 and $1000. That doesn’t count additional needs such as pens, fencing, crates, etc.
When you consider these ongoing costs, you will realize the adoption fee truly is minimal and not negotiable!

A special thanks to family, friends, adopters, and everyone who supports our sanctuary and hospice dogs and cats in so many different ways!

Please feel free to contact us by Email or phone:

(575) 442-2650

Thank You
Jenny and Joseph

By Appointment Only in Private Foster Homes
Alamogordo, NM 88310
United States

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