Virginia Beach Animal Control

The Virginia Beach Animal Enforcement Unit enforces all state and city animal care and cruelty laws and ordinances.

We at Virginia Beach Animal Control take great pride in ensuring that the animals that reside in our city are properly cared for.

We enforce all state and city animal care and cruelty laws and ordinances.

This page was created to help provide a glimpse into what it is we do. It will also aid in educating the public about important animal related laws.

We thank you for following along, and supporting us in what we do!

This page is not to be used as a sounding board to report possible animal cruelty or other animal related violations. If you have a complaint that you feel warrants investigation please call our dispatch at 757-385-4444.

Criteria for Posting Information on Virginia Beach Animal Control:

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• Illegal discrimination against any group
• Illegal or inappropriate use of firearms or drugs, or any illegal activity
• Sexual overtone or innuendo
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• Information harmful to children or is of a nature to frighten children, either emotionally or physically
• Cruelty to animals
• Online casino gaming, gambling or betting
• Information affiliated with or promoting political campaigns

In summary, please feel free to post your thoughts and opinions, whether positive, negative or indifferent, but please do it respectfully and without malice. If you use hateful, obscene or insulting language or launch personal attacks, we will delete your post. Virginia Beach Animal Control reserves the right to block users who repeatedly violate our terms of use.

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Virginia Beach, VA 23454
United States

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