Adopt a Homeless Animal Rescue / Maryland Friends of Animals

AAHA is a non-profit dedicated to rescuing animals in crisis and combating animal cruelty in any form, with a particular commitment to pit bulls.

Adopt a Homeless Animal Rescue is a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing and assisting animals in crisis. We actively combat animal cruelty in any form.

We have a particular commitment to pit bulls and aim to raise awareness about the breed, help those in need, and educate the public:

* We seek to promote this lovely yet unfairly maligned breed as the sweet, intelligent, affectionate, and people-oriented dogs they are.

* We assume stewardship over their well-being and strive to make this world a better place for them.

* We serve as a resource and/or liaison for shelters, individuals, and the community at large, advocating for any animal in harm's way.

* We also function in an advisory role for private citizens who seek assistance and guidance in better caring for their pets.

Please help us help the animals!

Donate at

PO Box 65351
Baltimore, MD 21209
United States

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