King Street Cats

We are Alexandria VA's only free-roaming no-kill cat orphanage! 100% volunteer-run

We are committed to helping all cats and kittens in need. We specialize in kitties that traditional shelters cannot take in: pregnant cats, nursing cats and newborn kittens, orphaned bottle-fed kittens, senior kitties, and kitties with medical issues. If we have room, no kitty is turned away.

We educate and assist the community in regard to cat welfare, and to provide loving homes for the cats in our care. We accomplish this through outreach to the local community by providing information on proper cat care, behavioral problems and medical issues involving cats. We also assist local residents in locating and retrieving lost cats and assist individuals through the cat adoption process. We provide abandoned and rescued cats and kittens with a safe and secure temporary home until a permanent,loving owner and home can be found.

We promote spaying and neutering and all our cats and kittens are sterilized prior to adoption. We also provide post-adoption support for adopters and anyone else that needs cat care advice.

We hope you, too, will become a friend of King Street Cats!

25 S Dove St
Alexandria, VA 22314
United States

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